Friday, June 26, 2015

Hearthstone Apartments in Linn County

A graduate of Willamette Law School in Salem, Oregon, Paul Kerley is a real estate professional with more than 30 years of experience. Through his company, Commercial Property Resources of Salem, Oregon, Paul Kerley owns approximately 1,000 residential units. He is owner of several apartment complexes, including Heatherstone Apartments.

Located approximately 80 miles south of Portland, Heatherstone Apartments is in Linn County, a part of the Willamette Valley. A relatively sparsely populated area, Linn County is home to beautiful, undeveloped countryside. The area’s 22 parks provide easy access to hiking trails, fishing, and boating for local residents and visitors.

Constructed in 1968, Hearthstone Apartments consists of 38 units in two-story buildings. The apartments come with a parking space, kitchens with dishwashers, and a community courtyard. The nearest airport, Mahlon Sweet Field Airport, is approximately 50 miles away. However, Linn County is near Interstate 5, which provides a direct route to Portland and other destinations.                            

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Three Ways to Streamline Your Property Management Activities

A successful real estate professional with considerable experience in the Salem, Oregon, area, Paul Kerley leads Commercial Property Resources. In this position, Paul Kerley maintains a heavy focus on the property management aspect of real estate. As property managers can attest, managing properties in an effective way requires streamlining activities whenever possible. Here are three ways to help your property management business cut costs and save time.

Go electronic: Although many real estate agreements are still carried out with paper and pen, the industry is quickly moving toward electronic record-keeping. Property managers enjoy access to a wide variety of specialty software programs that can help them stay organized and access documents quickly.

Set expectations with the property owner: Close communication with the property owner is a critical aspect of any property management operation. By establishing strict communication protocols with your property owner, you can ensure a free flow of key information.

Outsource: If your staff lacks a specific skill, don’t be afraid to contract the project out to a third party. If your contractor does a good job, keep his or her contact information on file for later use. Reliable labor is often hard to come by.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Oregon Symphony Offers Four Films with Live Musical Score Perfomances

Salem, Oregon, resident and Commercial Property Resources president Paul Kerley owns approximately 1,000 residential units throughout the states of Oregon and Illinois and possesses over 30 years of real estate experience. In his spare time, Paul Kerley enjoys attending performances at the Oregon Symphony, for which he owns a season pass. For the 2015-16 concert season, the Oregon Symphony is offering a Popcorn Package that enables audience members to watch full-length movies with musical scores performed by a live orchestra. 

Beginning in late 2015, the Oregon Symphony’s skilled orchestras and internationally acclaimed music directors will provide musical scores performed live in sync with four blockbuster films. The performances allow audiences to witness firsthand the creativity and dedication that go into film scores by watching the orchestra perform every note of the films' music. Additionally, it celebrates musical scores created by composers Danny Elfman, John Williams, Michael Giacchino, and Alan Silvestri. Performances are limited to one per film and take place approximately two to three months apart. 

Films included in the package are Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, the holiday classic Home Alone, the 2013 Star Trek reboot sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, and the 1985 film Back to the Future. The Nightmare Before Christmas starts the run on October 30, 2015, followed by Home Alone on December 19, 2015; the Star Trek Into Darkness performance takes place February 12, 2016 and the run concludes with Back to the Future on May 7, just in time for the film’s 30th anniversary. The Pacific Youth Choir and the Repertory Singers will take part in the performances. 

Oregon Symphony’s Popcorn Package allows subscribing members to attend all four performances for one set price. Package prices vary according to selected seating and range from $113 to $318. Tickets for individual performances may also be purchased. All performances take place at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland.

For more information about featured films and ticket prices, visit the Oregon Symphony website at