Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Commercial Property Resource’s Rental Policy Ensures Great Tenants

With over 30 years’ experience in real estate, Paul Kerley is the president and owner of Commercial Property Resources (CPR). From his office in Salem, Oregon, Paul Kerley oversees the company’s real estate investments and residential units.

CPR’s rental policy is designed to match tenants with their desired homes and ensure a good owner/tenant relationship.

Potential tenants 18 years of age and up can begin the application process by completing a rental application. Once completed and signed, this form will be submitted to CPR’s office in Salem, Oregon, with a copy of a current government-issued form of identification and a $40 application fee.

Applicants should also provide verification of their income. CPR policy requires that an applicant’s income be three times the rent of his or her desired home. A recent paystub is accepted as proof of income only if it includes year-to-date earnings. Applicants who cannot easily satisfy the income criteria can have a reliable person co-sign their application.

CPR requires that tenants have good rental history for the past two years and no eviction proceedings in the past five years. Multiple eviction notices and rental histories featuring unpaid rent will result in outright denial.

A criminal background will constitute additional grounds for denial. Applicants should have no recorded felonies for the last five years before the application. For applicants with felonies on record beyond the past five years, they should have had no misdemeanor charges filed against them since that time.