Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Economic Outlook for Oregon in 2015 Is Mixed

Paul Kerley maintains a significant presence in Salem, Oregon's real estate market as the owner of Commercial Property Resources, Inc. Paul Kerley has experience in owning and managing commercial and residential properties, and his holdings range from condominiums to single-family homes in a somewhat improving economy for Oregon.

Oregon's improvements in the labor market have exceeded those of the United States as a whole, but still lag behind the performance of average states before the Great Recession. The unemployment rate for 2014 has actually grown; however, mitigating this concern is strong growth in the number of workers entering the job market. This dynamic of job seekers pushing up the unemployment rate is not unexpected; by this measure Oregon is expected to reach national pre-recessionary standards in 2015.

The state's housing data also looks promising. Oregon's population is growing, which increases the number of new households formed. Many of these new householders had been living with parents, with fewer young adults living at home in 2014.

These young people are mostly renters rather than owners. Oregon's rental numbers have jumped, largely as a result of student loan debts and fewer assets. As a result, demand for housing has gone up. This expansion is predicted to occur in multi-family housing as millennials graduate from college.

Home buying is most prevalent in the 25 to 35 cohort. Even though the weakened economy has driven up the traditional buying age, the overall trend of housing purchasing should continue in the years ahead.