Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Real Estate Administrative Action Plan


Paul Kerley, the owner and president of Commercial Property Resources, Inc., pursues real estate ownership and management transactions for his company in Salem, Oregon. Paul Kerley prefers dealing with properties that he is geographically close. This allows him and his co-owner, John Kerley, to personally handle property dealings near their home base in Salem, Oregon.

Mr. Kerley and his team continue to promote an administrative action plan that they developed to deal with real estate ventures for their company. The administrative action plan includes detailed steps that they believe are important in securing properties that satisfy their buyers.
First, they perform background and credit checks when needed. After that, they assess the area’s demographics and set rent levels to match the community’s needs. They then evaluate their lease agreements and update where necessary. Lastly, they make sure all units are empty, cleaned and inspected before leasing. If any repairs are needed, they make sure everything is up to a proper standard before leasing.

Their plan allows them to maintain the property in order to avoid further damage that occurs from not addressing the unit’s issues early on. Apart from that, they also establish policies for pets, furnishings, security, and utilities. Once the unit is ready, they advertise the available space to establish an ongoing waiting list for quick replacement of tenants.