Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Marketing and Advertising Responsibilities of a Property Manager

Having acquired numerous properties over the span of three decades, Salem, Oregon, real estate investor Paul Kerley possesses a wealth of experience in commercial property management. Paul Kerley oversees the management of approximately 1,000 residential units he owns in and around Salem, Oregon, and elsewhere.

A proficient property manager is key to the success of a real estate investment in a multifamily property. His or her primary task is to ensure that rental units do not go unoccupied, and he or she has a responsibility to market and advertise vacancies promptly. The property manager must first prepare the apartments for showing by coordinating the efforts of the maintenance staff, who not only clean open units but also maintain the exterior to increase curb appeal. In addition, a property manager collaborates with realtors and leasing agents to communicate the availability of a unit and creates collateral material, ranging from signs to print ads, to garner interest from prospective tenants.

In the same capacity, a property manager makes him- or herself available to address questions as needed. To reduce the number of calls he or she has to take regarding common questions, the manager may set up a recorded, 24-hour hotline that provides details about the property.