Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Three Tips for Improving Time-Management Skills

The owner of Commercial Property Resources, Inc., in Salem, Oregon, Paul Kerley also leads Kerley Properties, LLC. Through both companies, Paul Kerley manages a number of residential properties in and around Salem, Oregon.

Time management is an important skill when overseeing multiple properties or managing several tasks simultaneously. The following tips may enhance your efficiency.

Complete one task at a time.
Despite your desire to multitask, focus on one item at a time. According to the website, concentrating on one task with the intent to finish it makes you work more efficiently. You are also less likely to make errors that would normally occur when switching between tasks.

Create a list.
A list helps you understand what needs to be done to keep your properties operational. A good practice is to write out what tasks need daily attention. Ideally, this is completed in the morning, so you can refer to it throughout the day. Arrange your list based on priorities, such as managing maintenance first thing and then following up with simpler administrative tasks, such as returning phone calls. If possible, group similar items together to maximize time and effort.

Limit interruptions.
A drawn-out conversation with a coworker or time spent handling a personal matter can derail a day’s worth of work. Create an environment that minimizes interruptions. Keeping your office door closed, for instance, will reduce opportunities for conversation, thus giving you time to focus on your work.